Frequently Asked Questions

When is my school’s Show Your Support (SYS) rotations?

Each school is assigned two 2-week rotations to raise money for their school. The school can choose to spotlight a specific group or club during their SYS rotation by emailing their choice to two weeks prior to their rotation. If no group or club is chosen two weeks prior, then the school’s PTO will be spotlighted. Click here for SYS assigned weeks!

I lost my “Fundraising Opportunities” email. Can I get another copy?

Yes! All the fundraising opportunities are listed on our Fundraising tab. For your convenience, you can also download all the attachments that were emailed here. Click on whatever you need: Welcome Rep LetterApril-July 2020 Promo ArtVeteran Raffle Poster 2019

When will I get paid?

Our regularly scheduled payouts include SEPTEMBER (for fundraising activities completed from June-September), JANUARY (for fundraising activities completed from October-January), and MAY (for fundraising activities completed from February-May). Funds will be ready for distribution approximately two weeks after the payout period ends.

I emailed my proof but didn’t get a reply!

The auto-reply only gets sent out once a day per email address. If you email more than one proof a day, you will only receive an auto-reply for the first promo sent. If you received a reply for the first promo, and send all promos the same way, there shouldn’t be a problem.

How do I know when checks have been mailed?

After we have tabulated all payouts and have confirmed eligibility of submissions, we will send an email to the Reps whose schools are receiving a payout for that period. PLEASE NOTE: Starting with the May 2020 Payout, all funds earned through the shop will be directly deposited into your school’s PTSO bank account. For this to happen, each school will need to complete and return an ACH Direct Deposit Authorization Form.The form can be downloaded from this link: ACH Direct Deposit Authorization Form. Please email completed forms to

Why does the money I earn need to be paid to my school PTO instead of to me?

The way our non-profit is set up, all distributions must go directly to the school PTOs, who are 501(c)3 organizations. It also makes it much easier to track if a check is lost.

Why are you no longer funding the Transportation Fund?

For many years the board was saving money to purchase a building. When we decided not to purchase the building, we distributed the money to the schools through the Transportation Fund. We continued to support the Fund until all money saved was distributed.

I don’t see my question listed. What can I do?

Just click on our “Contact Us” Tab  to send us a message and we’ll happily answer your question. If you prefer, feel free to call the shop at (734) 996-9155.

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