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Fundraising with the Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop involves promotional activities in support of our shop. Each of the fundraising opportunities available for Ann Arbor Public School groups, helps the Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop by bringing in donations, encouraging shopping, and providing other valuable support. We provide these opportunities to all grade levels of Ann Arbor Public Schools as a way to distribute our operating profits. Our profits are based on sales and fundraising income as well as operating costs over the course of each school year. Please note that all of our fundraising opportunities are subject to our operating budget and support the needs of the shop. When you fundraise with us, your group promotes our shop and helps grow our community profile within your school community. In this way, our fundraising activities help to grow our profits which we then distribute to the schools. The more we make – the more you make!

How has the pandemic affected the Fundraising Activities available? As we did for 2020-21, we are once again conservatively approaching our fundraising offerings for the 2021-22 school year. Although no payouts were promised for your support during 2020-21, we were able to make payouts at the end of the year! Due to the overwhelming support of our shoppers and donors, we were able to pay out a total of $10,150 in June 2021. All schools that supported us by placing our promo in their correspondence with families received a payout. The more we make – the more you make! Please keep that in mind as we enter the new school year.

We need your support now more than ever! Although we can’t guarantee there will be profits to distribute, we encourage you to continue to promote our shop by placing our promo in all of your written and online communications. Some of you may remember that when we make profits that exceed our budget projection (like we did in 2019), we distribute those profits to each school based on promo submission. The more you promote us during the school year, the bigger the percentage of profits you’ll receive. So please continue to support us.

Here is a list of our activities and what’s happening with each of them for this year. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee any payouts, as they are based on profits. We encourage and appreciate your continued support:

  • 2021 Veteran’s Day Cash Raffle Fundraiser: SUSPENDED. In April of each year, we secure our Raffle License from the Michigan Lottery Charitable Gaming Commission.  We were unable to apply for our license so there will be no raffle again for this year. We also are aware that it would be virtually impossible for schools to sell raffle tickets while observing social distancing. We encourage everyone to keep themselves safe!
  • Show Your Support In-Shop Rotations (SYS): SUSPENDED. In order to keep shoppers and our staff safe, we are not offering Show Your Support this year. We know this is a popular program and will bring it back as soon as we can safely do so!
  • Promos in Publications:  Promote the shop in your school, PTO, team, group, or club’s publications using our promotional artwork. This promotional activity helps spread the word about the Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop and its work on behalf of AAPS students to your school community. Eligible publications are wide-ranging and include school directories, PTO and PTSO newsletters/e-newsletters, plus team sports programs, performance programs and playbills (including theatre, orchestra, band, choir and jazz band).  Publications and emails must be distributed/available to your entire school in order to receive credit. Please have promos that are placed in emailed publications embedded, not as a link or attachment, to receive credit. A PDF of our current Promotional artwork must be used as provided for a full page ad in your printed item. A pdf of our Promotional Artwork will be emailed to all school reps at the beginning of each school year, along with a Welcome Letter detailing specifics for that year. A copy of the current letter and promo can also be downloaded from our Fundraise tab, FAQ sub tab. Submission of old artwork will not receive credit. Please make sure you are using artwork from the current year. Publications using incorrect/old promos will not receive credit. Promos will also be posted here as they become available. Verification copies of each publication — proof of successful completion of the fundraising activity — must be provided by email to receive credit for this activity. This can include an email of a picture taken of our ad in your publication, or an email forwarded with our ad displayed. Please email a copy of your promo (or forward an email) to: Deadlines are the final day of each payout period (September 30th, January 31st, and May 31st).

Please note:  all activities and funding rates are subject to change based on the needs and budget parameters of the shop. Here’s how to participate:

  1. A representative of a school PTO, booster club, or organized club sends an email to and we will start a records worksheet for your school. Please include the name of your school, and a contact person’s name and email.
  2. Your school PTO must have an Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop liaison or representative  — a “School Rep” — to participate in our fundraising programs. Find out about School Reps on our Fundraising Homepage.
  3. For group fundraising activities, if applicable, your group organizes the event by enlisting volunteers, publicizing the event in your school, and following any guidelines as provided by email.
  4. The Thrift Shop keeps track of the support activities performed by your PTO, clubs, or organizations.  This tracking is completed with emails sent to our no-reply promo email ( Funds for all participation in our fundraising activities will be included for your school PTO on each payout date, subject to available profits.
  5. Club, group, team, etc. activities at each school are itemized in the payout report received by your school PTO Treasurer to make distribution or crediting to various clubs or organizations simple and easy for you.


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