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Fundraising with the Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop involves promotional activities in support of our shop — and most are easy to do.  Each of the fundraising opportunities available for Ann Arbor Public School groups help the Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop by bringing in donations, encouraging shopping, and providing other valuable support. We provide these opportunities to PTOs, PTSOs, Parent and Coordinating Councils, teams, clubs and groups at all grade levels of Ann Arbor Public Schools as a way to distribute our operating profits.  We also distribute support to the Transportation Fund for AAPS field trips.  Our profits are based on sales and fundraising income as well as operating costs over the course of each school year. Please note that all of our fundraising opportunities are subject to our operating budget and support the needs of the shop. All of our fundraising opportunities are promotional in nature.  We coordinate them through your School Rep.  When you fundraise with us, your group promotes our shop and helps grow our community profile within your school community.  In this way, our fundraising activities help to grow our profits. Here’s what groups can do:

  • 2016 Veteran’s Day Cash Raffle Fundraiser (Operated under Large Raffle License R38874 by the Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop, Inc.): Tickets are printed for pre-sale — and will be packaged up and ready to distribute to group sellers starting on September 23rd at our Raffle Fundraising Kick-Off Event at Tappan Middle School Cafeteria at 7pm.  Learn how your AAPS group’s fundraising goals can be reached via our Veteran’s Day 2016 Cash Raffle Fundraiser!  With $4000 in prizes to be awarded — $1000 FIRST PRIZE, 2x $500 SECOND PRIZES, 8X $250 THIRD PRIZES as well as 3x $100 GIFT CERTIFICATES — the draw will be held on November 11, 2016 between 6pm-6:30pm at 2280 S. Industrial Hwy. Tickets are $5. Must be at least 18 years of age to purchase per Michigan Gaming Law. Earnings by AAPS group will be distributed in our January 2017 payout — all proceeds will benefit AAPS, its PTOs, teams, clubs and student groups and enrichment activities. Please note that the payout for this fundraising activity must occur after the prize draw and all raffle financial reports has been completed. Our 2016 VETERAN’S DAY CASH RAFFLE Fundraiser flyer (RAFFLE: 100% Fundraising Flyer!) has at-a-glance prize listings, ticket prices, raffle license number, important dates, and more!  Our RAFFLE INFO Doc (2016-raffle-info-dochas the comprehensive raffle information your AAPS fundraising coordinator will need to succeed from start to finish!  Ticket packets are available at the shop at our Customer Service Desk. Sign up here to sell in our lobby on behalf of your AAPS group! Don’t miss out on this fundraising opportunity! We provide AAPS groups the following to make this fundraiser a success: printed tickets in a customized packet with a record sheet; a kick-off event; sales opportunities in the shop lobby; flyers to distribute electronically and/or print for backpack mail; a 6-week radio advertising campaign on annarbors107one; and, we will wrap it all up on the draw date with special Veteran’s Day savings and a radio remote with Host Paul Gordon in the shop!  This raffle fundraiser is a WIN-WIN for AAPS groups!!! Email us to learn more at:
  • Promos in Publications:  Promote the shop in your school, PTO, team, group, or club’s annual or seasonal publications using our promotional artwork.  This promotional activity helps spread the word about the Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop and its work on behalf of AAPS students to your school community.  It’s an easy way to earn extra funds for your group.  Eligible publications are wide-ranging and include school directories, PTO and PTSO newsletters/e-newsletters plus seasonal team sports programs, performance programs and playbills (including theatre, orchestra, band, choir and jazz band), and other year- or season-long publications, as deemed appropriate.  A PDF of our Promotional artwork must be used as provided for a full page, on an outside back cover.  Verification copies of each publication — proof of successful completion of the fundraising activity — must be provided by email to ensure payout of this fundraising activity. Deadlines are the final day of each payout period (September 30th, January 31st, and May 31st). Funding rates are based on the publications’ nature, frequency, and reach.  Payouts for this fundraising activity occur at our regular distributions throughout the school year, from September to May.  Email us about your school publication and book a Promo fundraiser with the Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop at:
  • Show Your Support:  member PTOs, teams, student clubs and groups currently registered with the Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop are invited to participate in the promotional “Show Your Support” fundraising program.  Make a 12 inch wide by 18 inch tall poster to showcase your school group in the store.  Shoppers show their support by shopping and – for every $5 spent in the shop – dropping a token into your collection jar.  Token totals at the end of each week determine the amount of funds each group receives.  We will showcase four groups per week this year during weeks when AAPS is in session.  Payouts for this fundraising activity occur at our regular distributions throughout the school year, from September to May.  Email us for details, dates, and poster specifications so your group can participate in this fun, community-based fundraising opportunity at:

Please note:  all activities and funding rates are subject to change based on the needs and budget parameters of the shop.    How to participate

  1. A representative of a school PTO, booster club, or organized club (president, PTO officer, fundraising chair, club faculty adviser, etc.) contacts us and we will start a records worksheet for your school PTO or other group.  We will assist you with further information such as guidelines and fundraising amounts.
  2. Your school PTO must have a Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop liaison or representative  — a “School Rep” — to participate in our fundraising programs.  See  What’s a Rep?
  3. For group fundraising activities, your group organizes the event by enlisting volunteers, publicizing the event in your school, and following any guidelines as provided by email.
  4. The Thrift Shop keeps track of the support activities performed by your PTO, clubs, or organizations.  Funds for all participation in our fundraising activities will be included for your school PTO on each payout date.
  5. Club, group, team, etc. activities at each school are itemized in the payout report received by your school PTO Treasurer to make distribution or crediting to various clubs or organizations simple and easy for you.

Contact Us by Email

Email us at:  Please include the following information in your email: 1. Your name. 2. School name. 3. PTO, booster club, or organized club that you will be fundraising for. 4. Phone number(s) so that we may contact you directly. 5. Activity that you are interested in.


  *THIS WEEK IN OUR LOBBY*   SHOW YOUR SUPPORT is back for 2015-16! Look for four different AAPS groups featured in our lobby every week throughout the school year and into the summer so you can show your support every week for AAPS student enrichment.   Email questions about our Fundraising Activities to our Executive Director:

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