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Hey there Shoppers, Donors and Supporters! We need your “helping hands!”

Join us Sunday, April 7th at 5pm, or Wednesday, April 10th at 7pm for an introduction to the workings of the Shop and our Volunteer Program.

Can’t make it?

Check out the Volunteer tab at, or call our Volunteer Manager at


Show your Support


Bach, Dicken, King

and Lawton Elementary Schools

March 17th through April 6th!

Earn a token/vote for every $5 spent!

Shop, Save, and Support AAPS!

Congratulations to Ann Arbor First Steps for receiving the most votes during their Show Your Support Weeks!

School Spirit and supporting the A2 PTO Thrift Shop pay off! 

Congratulations to all our Raffle Winners!

And Congratulations to the schools/groups that sold tickets!

Together you raised $17,340 for your schools!

First Prize ($1,000) Winner: Aya T. (Ticket #04719)

Two Second Prize ($500) Winners: Jody C. (Ticket #03811) & Lynn C. (Ticket #03517)

Eight Third Prize ($250) Winners: Andy J. (Ticket #00507), Lisa R. (Ticket #06280)
C. Chaeonas (Ticket #01523), Hillary S. (Ticket #02567) Sarah B.R. (Ticket #02698), Kathy S. (Ticket #04741), Tim E. (Ticket #03251), & Trisha S. (Ticket # 02982)

3 BONUS Prize ($100 Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop Gift Certificates) Winners:
Laurie N. (Ticket #01201), Andy W. (Ticket #03563), and Russell B. (Ticket #01417)

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, we are unable to accept donations of Toys, Sporting Goods, Fabrics, Hangers, Notebook Binders and Electronics until further announcement.  We are at maximum capacity for these items.  One exception at this time is Lamps – we will accept lamps.  Going forward, we may add other items as acceptable.  Thank you for your generosity, understanding, and patience as we process the volume of in-shop inventory.  In the meantime, please consider donating your items to another deserving local nonprofit.



Our Assistant Managers, Caitlyn Wackrow and Miles Bruns, celebrated all of the environmental and energy initiatives throughout Ann Arbor by participating in EarthFest: Party for the Planet! in the Diag, downtown Ann Arbor, this past September.